In Mixed Company


a Series of Mixed Media Portraits by Mr.Brian Design

Coffee Soldier, Kagoshima, Japan July 15-21, 2016  





Exhibition included recent works, character study portraits made from drawings and mixed media in the form of collage. The artist is New York Born and Kagoshima based Mr.Brian Design (Brian Quinlan).

This project is comprised of a series of A4 sized portrait collages on wood panels. A variety of found paper, drawing paper, pencil, and paint markers and smaller works of various sizes and various types of paper are used.

The works in this series showcase the artist’s unique and paired down style of character drawings. He has typically used this style  in commercial works in the past such as toy design and educational content in a new context of expressiveness and tactility. Each work embodies spontaneity, feeling, and gestural qualities. The subjects of these artworks are reinterpretations of people, genres, and sub sets of society that Brian has interacted with, observed, or witnessed at some point in his lifetime.

The compositions and handling of composition elements are spontaneous manifestations and reactions to the found or sought out paper materials. They are cultural artifacts of modern life.

The artist created two A3 size works in the shop during business hours while coffee beans, drinks, and goods were being sold. It was a live drawing and collage demonstration that was fun for all participants.